District: Lohit

1 Inspr. Kuru Tatung, OC PS, Tezu, SI D. Singpho of PS Tezu with police team

On receipt of an information received from reliable source on 01-09-16 that a person is bringing consignment of drugs to Tezu from Namsai side with a white Maruti Car bearing Registration No.AS-23G/4577. On receipt of the information, SI D. Singpho alongwith OC PS Tezu Inspr. Kuru Tatung and police team rushed to the Alubari Ghat and at about 1820 hrs., intercepted the said vehicle. Due to darkness, they could not checked the vehicle on the spot and taken the vehicle to Tezu. On thorough checking in the vehicle, no suspected drugs found. During body search of the driver, some powdery substance suspected to be brown sugar i.e. 4 nos. of mini plastic pouch/packet weighting 18 grams approx. have been found in his possession. The suspected substances and other relevant documents of vehicle has been recovered and seized. Accordingly, Tezu PS Case No.69/2016 U/S 21(B) NDPS registered.

The alleged accused was arrested by police and the seized suspected substances sent to FSL for expert opinion.

2 Inspr. Kuru Tatung, OC PS, Tezu with police team

On 05-09-16, a written complaint receipt from SI D. Singpho of PS Tezu to the effect that he received specific information from the source that one Smti. Sunilu Kri is in possession of huge stock of opium smeared cloths bundles and brown sugar drugs at her house at Tribal Colony, Tezu and she is indulging in selling of drugs since long. On receipt of the information, police team lead by OC PS Tezu Inspr. Kuru Tatung rushed to the spot and conducted raid at her house and found (1) 1 KG 920 Gms (approx) of suspected opium smeared cloths (2) 6 (six) small pouch in orange colour containing suspected to be brown sugar (3) weighting equipments (4) Mobile – 1 No. (5) Mobile Tab – 1 No. (6) Money purse – 1 No. containing Rs.1,03,360/-. The found articles have been seized in presence of the magistrate and woman welfare members who were intimated about the findings. Accordingly, Tezu PS Case No.72/16 U/S 21(B) NDPS Act has been registered and taken up for investigation.

During the course of investigation, alleged accused Smti. Sunilu Kri of Tribal Colony, Tezu has been arrested. The recovered drugs and other articles has been seized.

3 Inspr. Kuru Tatung, OC PS, Tezu with police team

On 07-09-16, a written complaint receipt from Inspr. Kuru Tatung, OC PS Tezu to the effect that he received a credible information from source that two persons are bringing contraband drugs by one red colour Hyundai i20 car to Tezu from Namsai side. Immediately he formed a police team and rushed towards the Alubari Ghat. On their way to Lohit Bridge, they noticed the said car coming from opposite direction. They immediately turned and chased the vehicle. On stopping the vehicle, they found Const. Chow Ensen Khen and one Shri Akaiso Towang in the front passenger seat. On searching the vehicle, 5 (five) nos. of small plastic pouches containing pink colour powder suspected to be brown sugar have been recovered and seized in presence of the witnesses. Accordingly, Tezu PS Case No.73/16 U/S 21(B) NDPS Act has been registered and taken up for investigation.

During investigation, both the alleged accused Const. Chow Enseng Khen of PS Tezu and Shri Akaiso Towsik has been arrested, The 5 (five) small packet suspected to be brown sugar weighting 19 grams approx. recovered from their possession has been seized and sent to FSL for expert opinion.

4 A team of officers of Lohit district comprising of Inspr. M. Lego, OC PS, SI R. K. Deori, SI M. Dirchi, SI(P) B. Mossang, L/SI N.E.C. Thoomten, L/SI C. Lowang, SI (P) K. Tajang, ASI M. Borah, L/Ct. N.O. Munglang and Ct. C.E. Khen.

Tezu Police has arrested 4 persons in connection with burglary cases and recovered significant numbers of stolen property from their possession. Gang was operating in Tezu and its surrounding area since very long and was involved in many cases of theft and burglary. The name of the persons arrested are (1) Jeet Bdr. Chetry, aged 24 yrs. S/o Dil Bdr. Chetry of Tribal Colony, Tezu (2) Kul Bdr. Thapa, aged 29 yrs. S/o Tanka Bdr. Thapa of Tribal Colony, Tezu and receiver of stolen property (1) Rajen Mura, aged 36 yrs S/o Lt. Raju Mura of Tribal Colony (2) Kani lama, aged 23 yrs. S/o Lt. Passang Lama of Tribal Colony, Tezu.

Details report

5 Mr. Thomas Pertin, Insp., I/C OP, Chongkham

A written complaint received from ASI G.K. Borah of OP Chongkham through I/C OP Chongkham that on 05/04/2014 around 1115 hrs. basing on source information of illegal transaction of opium was going on in the bank of river Baring, a police team rushed there and by seeing the police teams approaching some unidentified person started running away from the spot but a lady namely Nang Anjana Chowpoo W/o Chow Pawan Chowpoo of village Adi Nigroo was found inside a car parked there on the Baring river bank. On being searched, opium smeared on cloths weighing 2.05 kg was recovered from her possession inside the car along with cash Rs. 57250/-. Accordingly she was arrested and a case registered vide NMS PS case No. 28/15 U/s 17 (C) NDPS Act.

6 Mr. Junati Misso, SI,
I/C OP, Wakro

A written complaint from SI J. Misso, IC OP Wakro that on 19/04/2015 at 1030 hrs he along with his staff went to weekly market at Medo to conduct patrolling duty. During patrolling, they detected 1 (one) kg 73 approx of smeared cloth opium valued rs. 21,900/- approx. raw opium 90 gm valued Rs. 10,000/- approx. as per local rate weighting instrument of opium (locally made) and piece of cloth (made of jute) 85 gm from the possession of the following 3 (three) opium peddlers namely (1) Shri Amar Kumar chakma S/o Shri B.K. Chakma Vill Chakma Basti-II, Gunanagar Chongkham (2) Shri Subash Chakma, S/o Lt. Namoratan Chakma, Vill – Chakma Basti II, Gunanagar Chongkham and Shri Ashok Kumar Chakma S/o Lt. P.R. Chakma, Vill-kamlang Nagar – I Chakma Gaon and seized all the items. All the trio has been arrested and a case vide NMS PS Case No. 39/15 U/S 18 NDPS Act registered against him.

7 Ms. Nang Ethiwa. C. Thoomten. L/SI, PS Tezu

On receipt of a written complaint from L/SI Nang Ethiwa C. Thoomten of PS Tezu that on 13/01/2015 at 1600 hrs. she along with PS ready party, DFDO, Tezu and his staff conducted search in a quarter No. 3, Type-III(F) located at Medical Colony, Tezu in connection with Tezu PS case No. 116/14 U/S 457/380 IPC and recovered 6 (six) khan (126 pieces) of cloth smeared (canvas opium) weighting 1kg 300 gms approx. from the same quarter and seized. Accordingly, a case has been registered vide Tezu PS Case No. 6/15 U/S 18 NDPS Act.