District: Upper Siang

SL No. Nature of Work Police Station & District or Unit/Battalion Date of Good work done Brief of the work done
1 Arrest of accused Yingkiong PS, Upper Sinag District 28/09/2016

Yingkiong PS Case No. 27/2016 U/S 384/324/506/427/34 IPC

The ASI Tomkar Nomuk has worked out the clueless extortion case as the victim driver could not provide any description of youth and no witness found since the incident took plce on high way during night. The IO put continuous efforts / engaged sources / hold counseling to youth / village elders and then identified / arrested the three accused on 28/09/16, all are from Komkar Village who admitted guilt. The detection of the case flashed a strong message to mischievous and it was appreciated by the common public /leaders.

2 Eradication Drive against Poppy cultivation Upper Siang District Police 08/01/2016 In a motivated effort, Upper Siang District Police with other authority made an eradication drive against the Poppy cultivation and destroyed 11 hectares of semi matured standing poppy crops in the areas mentioned below:-

1) Mopum Circle       Adi-pasi (Sibuk) -49 plots,
                                    Adi-pasi (Sikko) -11 plots.
2) Mariyang Circle    Damro/Mariyang -99 plots,
                                     Millang -11 plots,
                                     Dalbin -17 plots,

                                   Total 187 plots